How do we do it?

We utilize the best case management software in the industry. AbacusLaw allows us to track each event in the lien process and update our clients. This software is built for law firms and used by the best.

When it comes to legal research and getting it right, Carmenita & Associates is unmatched among its competitors. There’s simply no comparing our knowledge and application of the law in our client’s favor. We research and analyze each assigned case as to the merits, strategic issues and arguments to get you paid. We use Lexis-Nexis, California Workers’ Compensation and WorkCompCentral Panel Decisions. These online legal search engines aid to locate favorable case decisions and to successfully argue your case. These paid services are the very same services that Defense Attorneys use against you to defeat your lien.

Electronic Adjudication Management System. (EAMS) Carmenita & Associates are EAMS participants. We have access to the entire electronic WCAB board file at our disposal, which allows us to e-file any document, review the entire case and search for events, and documents.

We are constantly learning and training on issues effecting lien recovery and the law. These are some of the annual trade publications and legal treatises we own and subscribe to “The Labor Code” Lexis-Nexis, Workers’ Compensation Laws of California; James Publishing, California Lien Claims in Workers’ Compensation Cases and the California Workers’ Compensation Report. (CWCR) We attend several workshops each year pertaining to updates in the law, lien negotiations and lien trials.